Come Back

Ethanielle Mojares

14 Jun, 2014 07:07 PM
You told me you’ll never leave me
that I was the only person you see,

Remember the memories we shared
all those nights when we actually cared
with every kissed and hug felt right
and to love you with all my might

until now my heart looks for her
her touch, kiss and love I prefer

Why did that night had to happen
where we were fighting, until broken,

You want to scream and cry in pain
Never ever wanting to feel this again
I’m sorry that I encourage that feeling
and I know the scars are never healing

It left a mark you will never forget
enlighten a decision you’ll never regret
to leave me here by our favorite place
and once again empty the space,
That you once had filled to the brim
my life went to a sudden grim.

I am now a ghost inside
that’s waiting to be by your side
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