Starr Black

31 Dec, 2013 08:04 AM
You knew you were in water but didn't know how deep
You knew how to swim but forgot how to breath
I swam and I swam in the depth of your eyes 
Ignoring God's truth and listening to lies
Lies be told so sweet to my soul
Drowned by truth I was destined to know
Lie again..your words so sweet and clear
Telling me things I long to hear
We lie in our water, so warm and so deep
Listening to the sounds of life in our sleep
Words like warm liquid quenching my soul
My heart hears the man, my soul longs to know
Water fades and the words grow faint
I open my eyes and begin the wait
I listen so carefully for the words that don't come
My mind grows faint, my heart undone
Water is gone, shivering cold
as my soul longs desperately for the man I didn't know.
Tags: Soul, Sorrow, Pain, Heart
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Rajiv Kapila says:
06 Sep, 2015 02:09 PM

Heart toching poem

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