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Stars and Cars


04 Nov, 2016 01:38 AM
His name was Mars
Mars was on the edge
Watching stars and cars
Wanting to go over the ledge
Missing none of his memories
Wanting them erased
He said "Help me please,
This isn't my place!"
He lived on
He needed to love
He held the sun
Sun above
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Tags: Sad Poem, Depression, Suicide, Emotions, Pain, Poem, Poetry, Alone, Different
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11 Jul, 2014 07:36 AM
I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm sorry I cause you the pain I do 
                But do know 
      Most of this was your fault 

            You also hurt me
You made me spend my nights crying, 
      You helped make me cold
Your the reason I can't trust easily

       We had our differences
    But were also so much alike
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Tags: Love, Heart, I'm Sorry, Different
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