Stars and Cars


04 Nov, 2016 01:38 AM
His name was Mars
Mars was on the edge
Watching stars and cars
Wanting to go over the ledge
Missing none of his memories
Wanting them erased
He said "Help me please,
This isn't my place!"
He lived on
He needed to love
He held the sun
Sun above
Above the moon
Above the stars
He will die soon
Till then he watched stars and cars
He decided today's the day
Today he will go
It will also be okay
At least he thought so
But he remembered his mom
When she was alive she said one thing
"Please live, don't be a bomb,
Suicide too young and destroy everything."
He finally decided not to go
Decided not to leave everyone in sadness
He will let life flow
And he will try to find colourfulness
He will try to find his place
Watch stars and cars
Try to find grace
And he will win wars

Win wars with depression
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