I Wonder

Lily Vasilyeva

01 Jun, 2013 12:47 PM
I wonder if it'd be nice to drown?
To feel the burning lack of air inside your throat?
To see yourself as you're slowly flowing down,
Deep to the bottom, you gently, gently float;

I wonder if it'd be nice to jump?
Jump of a building, the wind whipping your hair?
You'd end up looking at the sky, your body slumped,
And still feel the gentle touch of air;

I wonder if it'd be nice to overdose on pills?
Wouldn't it be great to finally leave this place?
You'd be free of all of this, your sins,
Slumber with an everlasting grace;

I wonder if it'd be nice to hang yourself?
The rope in circles, closing off your oxygen supply?
Would it be fine for you to slowly die and delve,
Delve into unconsciousness to never cry again?

I wonder if it'd be nice to bleed to death?
The crimson petals of a flower etched into your chest?
To feel the nectar slowly leaking out of you?
And then the end, will you have the courage to see it through?

It would be nice to disappear,
Nothing left, no hate, no fear,
To be forgotten...
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