I Just Don't Know

B. Rabbit

06 Aug, 2015 05:05 AM
I drop anchors
To keep me from being
Swept out into 
The Lonely Sea

But all my chains break
And the tide pulls my craft
The storm clouds roll in
Lightning cracks

All these things
That held me in place
Gone. Now I drift
In this lonesome space

I can see where the Sun shines
I can watch others sail free
But I alone am stuck here
In a whirlpool of misery.

My emotions spiral
My tears overflow
I'm overwhelmed by the tides
But I can't let it show

I struggle to keep my craft from going down
But maybe it wouldn't be so bad to drown...

My grip on the wheel
Loosens...then fails
I let the sea take me
Swallow my masts and sails

Down with my vessel
Sinking below
Into the depths
Of my grave I go...
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Johnny H. says:
23 Aug, 2015 03:42 AM

Wow! That was an interesting read. The contrast of being anchored to ground yourself from being sucked into the flux of water is portrayed quite well. Being able to still see the light and the life of everyone around you, yet feeling distinct, not apart of, casted aside from life makes me reminisce on the moments when I was stuck wandering my own melancholy as everything on the outside continued to flow without me. This poem is truly beautiful in essence and in form. I love it!

Sincerely, Johnny H.

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