Im sorry


16 Jul, 2011 07:09 PM
It started out small,
I didn't want it to escalate,
Sadly it did,
One small thing hurt,
But people just pushed me farther,
More and more things piled on top of the small pain,
But I suppose, every thing needs a beginning
And now I'm here again, where I tried to escape.
Again I'm in pain...I've failed myself.
it hurts, I'm sorry...
I lied, i am crying, and I told you I wouldn't...
I hurt you, I deserve this.
I haven't just failed myself, I've failed you
I shouldn't have done what I did,
Now I regret every step I made after that stumble,
I wish I could rewind time,
Now I don't care about my pain...
I hurt you, and "I'm sorry" isn't strong enough to describe how much I mean it.
Because I caused it, I'm to blame,
I lied, I never meant to...i promise you,
I promise you that I never wanted to hurt you,
I promise you that I regret hurting you,
I promise you that I want to make it better,
I just don't know how...
....I'm sorry
I wrote this to a specific person,
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lil tweety_21 <3 says:
16 Aug, 2011 01:33 PM

Dang u r really srry something like tht mii ex told mii but i didnt know wut to say so ii just forgave hiiim but iithink iii did the bad choice to forgive him but o'well ii cant do nada now.....but ii still love him...

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