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Name: The Darkpalm21
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About Me: The Darkpalm21 I'm a man of darkness... A man of darkness with a dark past and until now he is in the dark but he is hoping that someday that dark will fade away to his life... A man of darkness with his expression and movement no one knows what kind of pain he hide inside his smile... A man of darkness with a promise to his beloved girl that he will do everything to her,for her and only her... A man of darkness with a curse of darkness that how matter he keeps the pain of it or regret away the pain of it... He still crying and feels worthlessness from it... A mam of darkness that leaving alone for all the time by all the people he loved,all the people he trusted and all the people he made something good is leaving him alone in the darkside... A man of darkness that always do the right things to follow but still he suffer from the sins of others who doesn't follow... And the most painful but true of all... He is a man of darkness that reveal the true pain of the judgmental world... I am a him... I am a man of delight... I am a man of my dignity... I am a man of my word... I am a man of darkness... Named "The Darkpalm21" saying to all that someday... I will do everything to make came true what I said to all of my friends at the appointed time everything will came true... Darkpalm21...
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