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The Darkpalm21

27 Mar, 2013 01:11 PM
"Every day is a constant struggle to survive"
"The pain you cause me, I cannot survive"
"I slice my wrist & hope the pain goes"
"But it doesn't"
"Another bad comment is another 100 scars"
You won't realize this"
"Because I'll hide it"
"Hide it away from the world"
"Let no one see how I suffer"
"The biggest secret I've had to keep"
"Just put on a smile & say everything's alright"
"But when I get home,the smile goes"
"Nothings alright"
"You speak to me"
"The words so harsh & painful"
"But throughout it"
"I still love you"
"I cannot cope"
"I slice my leg and bleed my pain away"
"But it comes back"
"It always comes back"
"But if one day"
"Everything changed"
"I go to school"
"Go home"
"My Aunt is out & my friends too"
"I feel so alone"
"So this is how it feels when you
reach the end of the road"
"I take a knife & drag it deep down my arms"
"I feel the warmth of my own blood"
"As it runs over my skin"
"It flows faster & thicker this time"
"I knew it would"
"To make sure my plan works"
"I walk to the bathroom"
"I take out a box of pills"
"And I down the lot"
"And I sit in my room all alone"
"Bleeding to death"
"And at the same time,you wonder"
"Wonder why I'm not online tonight"
"I usually always am"
"You start to worry"
"Start to panic"
"You ring my phone"
"I hear it go off"
"And I pick it up"
"The first thing I say"
"I love you"
"You ask what going on"
"And I tell you everything's alright"
"And that my laptop is broken"
"But I didn't want you to panic"
"And ruin my attempt to dying"
"But you know something's up"
"You force me to tell the truth"
"Then thump"
"My phone drops from my limp"
"Lifeless hand"
"You still hang there on the line"
"You know what has happened"
"But you don't know why"
"I set myself free"
"Sirens scream out"
"Aunt has comeback to home"
"To find his niece in law"
"In a pool of his own blood"
"The ambulance arrives"
"But it's come too late"

"I have passed into the next word"
Tags: Pain, Suicide, Sadness
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Jessica says:
21 Apr, 2016 03:08 PM

it touching, knowing a child of God has gone through enough pain, to slit there wrists, leg or stomach, or to commit suicide. this poem is amazing, and it speaks to me cause i'm 13, and i do the same thing. This story is heartbreaking.

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