As the sun goes down


03 Dec, 2015 09:30 PM
When the sun goes down, will you remember me?
As the moonlight leaking through sets me free?
Will you cry away, or attempt to be brave?
Knowing I lie at rest, in some distant grave.

Will you seek my presence, in dreams beyond?
If I whisper your name, will you respond?
Will you hear my cries, or desperate calls?
Through the loneliness trapped inside my walls.

Can you feel the dawn, slowly creeping in?
As death steals away the last pieces within?
Are you aware, I closed my eyes to not awake?
I breathed my last breath, hours before daybreak.

It breaks my heavy heart, my dearest friend
That this is the way, it turned out to end
And you won't find out, until it's much too late
But I guess that's what I'd call an "unwanted fate".

As the sunlight reveals my story's page un-turned
And the curtains at last, fail to defend
The tragedy that lies inside a locked door,
Will you remember, the friend you knew before?

Will you ask questions, scream or wonder why?
Can you forgive me, for ending my own life?
And you say there's so much I failed to believe...
But I feel more alive now, than I ever did when I lived.
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ameera shah says:
13 Feb, 2016 12:10 PM

this is just wow!..I have always loved sad poems and this is such a beauty..

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chate! says:
27 Mar, 2016 02:08 PM

wow! And u wantd to waist such beauty of poetry?

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Rey May says:
08 Apr, 2016 03:45 PM

I'm truly speechless true beauty right there. I love it!!!. You're amazing

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