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As the sun goes down


03 Dec, 2015 09:30 PM
When the sun goes down, will you remember me?
As the moonlight leaking through sets me free?
Will you cry away, or attempt to be brave?
Knowing I lie at rest, in some distant grave.

Will you seek my presence, in dreams beyond?
If I whisper your name, will you respond?
Will you hear my cries, or desperate calls?
Through the loneliness trapped inside my walls.

Can you feel the dawn, slowly creeping in?
As death steals away the last pieces within?
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Tags: Breath, Forgiveness, Death, Live, Die, Midnight, Sunlight, Depre
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This Dream Is Mine.


22 Oct, 2012 11:32 PM
Sunshine falls down onto the loose gravel pavement.
Reflecting up into my green eyes.
My 1960's Mcallister guitar case lay open,
full of imaginary bronze and silver.

The rhythmic strum of a soft melody echoes through the faint breeze down the way.
Autumn leaves drop in regular,
followed by a vagrant scent of timber 
from the above's towering trees.

A non-existing crowd fills in before me,
patiently listening to my words
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Tags: Dreams, Never Give Up, Never Forget, Live, Life, Lost, Sad
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