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Name: Alex
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About Me: I love writing anything with a strong meaning behind it. Those stories really touch me and help me through the rough patches in life. More often than not, I find myself looking for the little things in life that make it worth living. Rather than dawning on the despairs and tragedies or this world, Keep Your Head Up. Keep Moving Forward. Smile, Because you're someone's reason too.
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I have to say, reading sad poems don't often make me cry. This one however, brought waterfalls from my eyes. The love that that little girl has for her father is incredible. The rhyming was amazing and flowed very well, the words seemed to just come off the page and issue words of heartfealt genuity and love. Thank you so much for this poem. It really makes my day everyday. Inspiring.
Very well written. Very true and speaks deep. Thank you for the message.
I love the rhyming, I love the story, I love the message. Best poem i have ever read by far. Thank you for sharing this with me today. It truly touched me and made me feel greatful for the father figures in my life as well as the mothers also. This poem will forever be a part of me. Words cannot thank you enough.
Very well written. The rhyming is intriguing and flowing and the meaning stays intact the entire way through. Thank You for sharing ths. Be sure to check out my poem entitled: "I Am Here..."


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