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As the sun goes down


03 Dec, 2015 09:30 PM
When the sun goes down, will you remember me?
As the moonlight leaking through sets me free?
Will you cry away, or attempt to be brave?
Knowing I lie at rest, in some distant grave.

Will you seek my presence, in dreams beyond?
If I whisper your name, will you respond?
Will you hear my cries, or desperate calls?
Through the loneliness trapped inside my walls.

Can you feel the dawn, slowly creeping in?
As death steals away the last pieces within?
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Tags: Breath, Forgiveness, Death, Live, Die, Midnight, Sunlight, Depre
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Everyone Dies


22 Dec, 2014 12:01 PM
My shattered heart lays at your feet
It's bruised and scarred; unable to beat
And it will remain this way, you see
Until the day when you learn to love me

Please break this wall that you have built
So that my love for you won't wilt
Cause like a flower, it needs some light
And your smile, oh, it burns so bright

Your eyes, they whisper a story untold
They contrast between your heart so cold
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Tags: Death, Guilt, Shame, Grave, Pain, Hurt, Breath
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