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Playing with my heart 
And making me fall in love with you 
I never thought i would fall so hard
Never ever did i think it was fake
Full of lies the sweet loving things you told me
Under the spell of true love i thought i was under
Love broke my heart,killed my spirit, and demolish my soul
- pain
Submitted By: Andrea
Tags: Broken Hearted, Sad Love, Pain
If i need to choose between your life and my life, i always choose yours cause without you there wont be any part of life left for me too.
- Vishgeet
i don't know you remembered that night or not...
but i did,the sky with starz and love...
and i remember you every single night..
but i dont know you remembered that night or not...
- ronell shawn
Submitted By: ronell
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25 to life and shes not in my arms
Tags: Sad Love
Sometimes when you love someone you don't just let them go, you just have to find a way to make them happy without you
I've painted my heart in black so that the cracks you left remain invisible to you!
why we always read the same book even we know that the end of the story is a sad story.
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Loneliness is a poet;
it writes your deepest emotion 
of love and sadness
at times when all you have is yourself.
Love is the best medicine for all kind of pain in the world but there is no medicine in the world for the pain given by Love
...maybe he can take care of you better than me,,