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"You said you'd love me forever I guess forever ended
and so did I"
Playing with my heart 
And making me fall in love with you 
I never thought i would fall so hard
Never ever did i think it was fake
Full of lies the sweet loving things you told me
Under the spell of true love i thought i was under
Love broke my heart,killed my spirit, and demolish my soul
- pain
Submitted By: Andrea
Tags: Broken Hearted, Sad Love, Pain
Wish i could never hear you talk about loving me. Coz now, when i am all alone it haunts me.
I hate her, how many times haven't I said it.
I hate the fact that she hates me and I shall never forget it!
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Breakup, Hate
I know there's better things out there,
But you're my everything.
The one I'm still alive for
The one I won't lose
That's why I'll do anything
Just to hold you.
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Hurt, Missing, Unloved
" It's okay if you can't love, it's really okay 'coz what I told you is 'I LOVE YOU' not 'LOVE ME TOO'. :'(
Dont blame people for disappointing you 
but blame your self for expecting too much from them ..
Don't force someone to remember you all the time...
Just stay silent  let them realize...
how they will be without you in their life..
If you walk away my heart will break.
When you have that bust of pain in you're chest
It's not because of you 
It's because of him