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You tought me how to be strong.. But you forgot to teach me how to leave without you.
Tags: Lost, Mother
My heart is broken since u left me...
But soon enough we will reunite.. For we are one, 
and death is just the beginning of a new jorney.
I guess Simple things in life makes you think twice
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and we went form everything to nothing!
- AnA
Tags: Love, Lost, Lonely, Nothing
Wish i could never hear you talk about loving me. Coz now, when i am all alone it haunts me.
"Never take someone for granted because once they are gone youll feel as lonley as losing your own soul and you won't reconize yourself"
Tags: Lost, Missing, Hurt
Don't ask why I run ???? ask why don't you run ????
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Being replaced Is one of the worst feelings. It's like no matter what you did, it just wasn't enough,
- Unknown
Submitted By: Kami
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I live in my past through the memories of the moments we shared...i live in my present just to see you....but i can not see my future because my present and my past are the only places where we are happy together!