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The pain is like a rush, it runs out the anger and sadness through the blood, the pleasure is filled from the stains, the nerves dies from the knives, laughing in death from the silence it inspires, alone the mind will die, the body will pale and dissapear like a leaf in the wind.
- Timothy Long(me)
Submitted By: timothy long
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our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real...
- AnA
Sometimes I can feel tiny pieces of my soul
Rippling like waves through the memories of old
Never letting go of the pain and heartache we all know
I used to think love was the key to happiness. But now, I realise that love is the key to losing yourself.
Being replaced Is one of the worst feelings. It's like no matter what you did, it just wasn't enough,
- Unknown
Submitted By: Kami
Tags: Lonely, Lost, Love, Pain, Tears., Loneliness, Replaced, Risks, Past
I live in my past through the memories of the moments we shared...i live in my present just to see you....but i can not see my future because my present and my past are the only places where we are happy together!
The pain from the abuse never went away, I just embraced it to become what I am today
Seeing People Change
Isn't What Hurts.
What Hurts Is
How They Used To Be . ..!
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" I dont dwell on the PAST ... nor .. I live in the Future ... it's you who keeps on showing in my PRESENT ".
"Never look at the past because it will only slow down the future"
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