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Thank you for loving me even if it was just for a week and thank you for making me feel as if you loved me again. You took me back to a time when you loved me and that's all I could ever ask for in this short lifetime. I love you, giant. Thank you for everything...
- 10080, exobubz
Submitted By: NatsuNoKokoro
Tags: Love, Sadness, Loss, Thanking, Death
I used to think love was the key to happiness. But now, I realise that love is the key to losing yourself.
The beauty of a butterfly lies on it's wings, with which it will fly away from you.
- Ebb Lasaro J
Submitted By: Lasaro J
Tags: Truth, Loneliness, Loss
"My fault was trusting you with all my heart, 
my problem was loving you too much and taking it for granted, 
And when you left me unable to reply... My final words.. just a goodbye, 
I tried to follow you into the next world beyond, but was too scared to die."
Tags: Loss, Death, Love, Unloved, Hurt
Now the lesson is learned. I touched and I was burned. I think you should know that when I'm with him I'm thinking of you...not him. I want to look into your eyes...Why won't you burst through the door and take me away? No more mistakes...because in your eyes I'd like to stay....
You are gone, but I still have a part of you with me, haven't I?. A souvenir, a sacred memento your son. So how can I forget you, when I see you in his eyes and in his smile?
when you lose someone... you end up losing part of yourself
- laura
Submitted By: Laura
Tags: Loss, Love