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The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment found out that you had already had belonged to someone else..... 
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She will cry, and get over it,
She will hate you and
then love u again
But one day she will leave and
she won't come back
- unknown
Submitted By: Span
Tags: Unloved, Gone
Even though you try to forget, forget the love, the happiness, the fights you have with him. He'll move on and you'll still have that broken heart. But you just gotta realize, he doesn't want you
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Sometimes, I don't believe in the saying that "When you love someone, you should fight for your love" Why? Why do you have to act like a hero when you know it already hurts?
- Benjamin Gomez
Submitted By: Alexis
Tags: Unloved, Hurt
In a blink of an eye, everything was gone. Everything was over, and no one cared. No one cared.
Tags: Suicide, Unloved
Why does it hurt so much to like you? To see you talking to someone else, i mean it's not like you liked me in the first place? Why does it hurt me to know that you don't like me back, if i knew that you wouldn't have like me anyway?
Aren't you supposed to love me. I thought that was a mother's job?
- Rowan
Submitted By: Rose
Tags: Mother, Sad, Forgotten, Love, Unloved
I know there's better things out there,
But you're my everything.
The one I'm still alive for
The one I won't lose
That's why I'll do anything
Just to hold you.
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Hurt, Missing, Unloved
The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment I found out that you had already belonged to someone else.
I will wait till the day I can forget YOU or
the day you realise you can’t forget Me.
Tags: Hurt, Pain, Unloved