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Some People Will Hurt You, Some Will Help. But In The End Both Will Have Made You Stronger.

Every Thing Has A Purpose.
... True Love isn't easy....., but it must be fought for...!! Because once you find it it can never be replaced...!!!!
...maybe he can take care of you better than me,,
Where happieness once resided there are now only dark memories of what should've  been
I thought our love was for real... But now I know to you life is like chess...
 and I'm just a pawn to get back who you want most
"My fault was trusting you with all my heart, 
my problem was loving you too much and taking it for granted, 
And when you left me unable to reply... My final words.. just a goodbye, 
I tried to follow you into the next world beyond, but was too scared to die."
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I loved you once.... I love you still.... I always have...... I always will.....
You taught me how to love...
But not how to stop...
It’s sad when someone can walk right by you and pretend you were never a big part of their life.
We will never be together... But that's alright. I'll keep on dreaming
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