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Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame.
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If my heart stopped, would you miss me?
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Sadness is but a wall between two gardens
- Khalil Gibran
Submitted By: Lizbeth
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"The person we love is the person we should hate because in reality they are the person that always make us feel sad and guilty."
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You can't wait for something that will never happen.
You can’t outrun your own feelings!
& you can’t hide from your own soul...
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I wonder how the darkness makes you feel less alone...
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Real friends are like birds flying in the sky
- Oswald
Submitted By: Ed Jerold
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"sick of crying,
tired of trying,
yes, im smiling,
but inside i'm dying"
- Maria
Submitted By: Ed Jerold
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It is better to die alone
than to die beside someone
who is relieved that you're gone
- candith mashego
Submitted By: Candith
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