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People do not die from suicide; they die from sadness.....
- Anonymous
Submitted By: ShatteredHumanity
Tags: Sadness, Broken, Alone
You told me to wait. Then, why did you marry her?
You said you don't want to see me cry, so, does it mean you're closing your eyes?
You still get your hopes us, even though you know it probably won't come true...
You can't wait for something that will never happen.
And at the end of the day we are all just humans, drunk on the idea that, love and only love can heal our brokenness.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Sarah
Tags: Love, Broken
Now i see you cant trust anyone they end up hurting you at the end and who ends up aching
I would say I'm ok 
but I'm done 
Instead I will say 
I can't lie no more for 
this is the truth
Tags: Broken, Truth
Wish i could never hear you talk about loving me. Coz now, when i am all alone it haunts me.
I hate her, how many times haven't I said it.
I hate the fact that she hates me and I shall never forget it!
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
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