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Name: Alex Lynn
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About Me: I have friends that are suicidle....I love them dearly and Have a few stories they shared with me that I put into Realistic fiction...Hope u like them
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I know how you feel about loosing a close best friend who I loved killed himself... he left me a letter saying that he loved me and it had a necklace with a picture of me and him in it....I wear that necklace everyday now.....and I sometimes wish I was dead so I could be with him again....stay strong...
I now this is old...and if you are still hanging in there...Keep hanging in there...I know how you feel...It sucks...Ive cut because of my "friend" and she thinks nothing of it shes always mad at me...But as long as you stay with people who care about you you can make it through this...There are people out there that I bet would become super depressed if you died...Stay strong and for someone to leave you cause of that is just wrong...If I met someone who did that I would stick with them till the end and I have many friends including


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