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once upon a time u said i was your life but now I'm not even a part of it.. ..
I hate that i love you too much, but what i hate most is how happy you make me yet you can hurt me just as well </3
- Aris
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Tags: Broken, Missing, Liar
You put a hole in my heart... now I'll put a hole in my head...
Tags: Broken, Heart, Suicide
Loving is good but how will you show love to someone if someone is tearing you down?!
Tags: Love, Broken
you can always close your eye 2 things you do not want 2 see,...........,but you cant close your heart 2 things u don't want 2 feel
Tags: Hurt, Broken
what do you do when the one who broke your heart, is the only one who can fix it??
Tags: Hurt, Broken
you may not love the guy who broke your heart, but every guy who your heart breaks for, a little peice goes to them, until you have everything, or nothing left
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