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Quote: "All things grow with time - except...
no that ist right,the sadest thing in the world is love,men do not care about us girls
Quote: The deepest pain is the shattered l...
that is one o tem nd the one that gos good with that..............''i like walking in the rain cuz no one knows that im crying
and she is very nice when get 2 know her,add her,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,she needs a new friend.
hi lexi,hey if u want 2 talk then and amanda 2 ur yahoo messanger,her id is amanda.martin444 and her email is,have a good year
this story made me cry but for not that rezon,it made me cry cuz ur story makes me remember the good and bad times with my botfriend jacube sanfird,he died in a car crash about 3 yers ago.i hope u r doing ok,have a good life,never wast it,i have wasted mine b not goig 2 school.


Total Submissions: 4
Quote: what do you do when the one who bro...
Quote: you can always close your eye 2 thi...
Quote: men fear death as children fear 2 g...
Quote: he who fears death dies every time ...