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If a caterpillar wants to fly, it must grow wings and become a butterfly...
You still get your hopes us, even though you know it probably won't come true...
and I keep living like everything is allright, even when I wanna die...
- AnA
Tags: Death, Life, Hate, Lonely
I hate her, how many times haven't I said it.
I hate the fact that she hates me and I shall never forget it!
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Breakup, Hate
People like you are the reason why people like me need medication. Just f**k off please.
Behind this smile, behind this loving heart lies a black hole that expands the more you are near.
Tags: Hate, Love, Darkness
Love me or hate me.
Hate arent easy, but love hurts the most.
- Eve
Submitted By: Eva Hansen
Tags: Hurt, Love, Hate
Hate me today, hate me tomorow, hate me for all the things i didn't do for you
Tags: Hurt, Hate
We always learn more from those whom we hate than those whom we love.
- Vikrant Parsai
Submitted By: Vikrant
Tags: Love, Hate, Learn
Don't hate me because I have a personality. Hate me because I have an attitude.
- Vikrant Parsai
Submitted By: Vikrant
Tags: Hate, Attitude, Personality