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Just how are you so capable of twisting me to the point that I can't understand myself?
You can’t outrun your own feelings!
& you can’t hide from your own soul...
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Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me?... Because all I had was you-- and now you're gone too. Please tell me you're not leaving me too...
"If you fall,
I'll pick you up,
and if I can't,
I'll lay down right beside you."
- Cheyenne
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you made my life, you have authrity to destroy it
- aryan
Submitted By: Aryan
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Every human chases after love unconsciously, and whether they deny it or not does not matter, for none can deny their own feelings.
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If Only Words Could Speak For The Heart,
Then People Would Know How I Really Felt.

~McKenzie Strouse
Love is a feeling, it can come and go but one day there is one person who can make you love them and if they hurt you you still have love for them.
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The less you care the less you have to lose
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I don't want to be with you for days , months or years...!!
I want to be with you for ages and ages...!!