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Just how are you so capable of twisting me to the point that I can't understand myself?
To be with you is all I ever wanted. If I could just feel your arms around me, I'll be fine. But you don't're just my fantasy. Just a dream, not reality.
I want to close my eyes and drift off into a world where we are perfect. But... I guess that's why they call it a dream. Because we'll never be perfect...
Tags: Perfection, Dream
I dream of dreaming dreams of her,
In twilight she is a constant blur...
- Mads Langer
Submitted By: Bony Yousuf
Tags: Missing, Lonely, Dream, Hope
A head full of fears has no space for dreams
- Alex
Submitted By: elina
Tags: Fear, Dream
No one can replace you. Not even a million dreams coming true.
Music is the only thing in the world that can block out madness, 
and can be consumed in the sadness, for it helps the soul survive even if only for a short time.
I dream of you everyday but all you do is think of him.
Tags: Hurt, Dream
We were walking down the street 
We were holding hands
We looked so in love
I felt so lucky to have you,
by my side and smile to me
I saw your beautiful face
I heard you call me babe
Then I wake up...
It was just a dream than will never come true
Tags: Dream
i dream that you'll care about me but what sucks about dreams is that they don't always come true
Tags: Hope, Dream