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Name: cheyenne
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About Me: I'm 5'2 I'm bi-polar I love music I love poems. My birthday is in Feb 11, 1999. So I'm 15 I wear black a lot I stay alone because I don't wanna deal with any drama at all. I get depressed, but I fake like I'm not and i enjoy poems on here.
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slip not slipped
Snowflake, I made it out alive it was hard for me, don't get me wrong I did slipped up and gave in, you may think that no one is there to save you, when all you can do is just come to me I can save you.
Yes Rachel
Thank you for your comment I enjoy it. I am staying strong.
Man, this poem made me feel every detail you put in it, i could see whats going on i felt this poem and now i love this poem