Goodbye my love


10 Mar, 2015 04:17 PM
I broke you and crushed you.
You said you are in a dark place.
This is a battle you need to fight on your own.
Who fights when you are no longer fighting.

Yes, I know I treated you like trash.
You wanted me to feel the same pain when I left.
And now I am facing the same pain that I gave you
But only its me in pain. My love I won't forget you.

All the pills I take they kill me each day.
And all the things I do, I cant forget you.
Now i am in a dark place, I worship the ground I bled on.

now i could care less of what you say or do.
I said I would wait, but when I did you crushed me. 
When I was on my last breath now I am in the afterlife.
Goodbye sweet poison. Goodbye Isaac Haze Esparza-Zungia.
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Miguel says:
08 Apr, 2015 05:14 PM

Men,I just wish for one thing and one thing only...

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Pankaj says:
01 Jun, 2015 07:17 PM

Nice bro..

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Rachel Sierengowski says:
10 Feb, 2016 12:56 AM

Hi, I was wondering if I could use your poem for my forensics forensics class. If you could, please respond to my email giving me permission, it would be greatly appreciated to be done by next weekend. Have a good night(:

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cheyenne says:
26 Feb, 2016 12:53 AM

Yes Rachel

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