Big brother


01 Jul, 2015 09:39 AM
Someone you know isn't the person
you know I wish you could see yourself
you say your the same but your a stranger 
to me. How can you be so disrespectful
you are a mess, you dont say hi
I don't even bother talking to you
the time I needed you most you blew me off

Your my brother now I could care less about 
how you are doing and how you been you let
your woman mess with your head so you fall
too deep and you aren't a good father to
your child when he needs you most

My family seems to fall apart got a brother
in jail and got a brother on drugs how stupid
can the world be don't you see what its doing 
to me of course not cause big brother can
care less anymore about anything

You seem so far away and I began not to
care where you go in life your no longer
the great bubba I see anymore no your
just useless to me but you set a great
example so I wont follow your steps

You tear my heart to pieces you are not the same 
and how could you let yourself go so far
fine live your life and stay out of mine until
you fix what you started.
Tags: Confusion, Broken
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