Sorry my brother


01 Jul, 2015 09:52 AM
I hated you from the start 
loved you in the end, the
phrase "Be careful what you
wish for." I understand it

Now your locked up in a cell
now your really in too deep
I miss you now, and I don't 
know what to do

I try not to beat myself up
for not showing you care
and not being there for you
I never got to say how I 
feel now I think its too

We had our deadly fights
we had our moments you 
tried to get close to
me but I wouldn't let you

I pushed you away I treated 
you like trash but I'm the
first person you wanna go
see how can you do that
when I wasn't good to you

Your in jail till eightteen
how can I live life till then
I let go of the past of the
reason why I hated you

Now I wish I was there with
you, you must be lonely do
you ever think of me

I think about you but then 
I do something so I can get my
mind occuiped 

I want to take the time to
say I'm sorry for the pain 
and unwanted feeling I 
caused you

And I love you the hate turned 
to love that I can't explain 
Your my brother and your littlebear
and I just wish I done better.
Tags: Regret, Sorry, Hurt
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