The wish it came to be


14 Nov, 2015 01:27 PM
No I can't ever find the words to say how much you mean to me,
I know when you ask how much I care, but when I say, its hard
for you see.

Look in my eyes, I get butterflies, I see why you're in love with
me, but at first I was to blind to see what you seen in me.
Now I am left to think about the mess I made.

The mess I made is unforgiven and I don't want to put you through
the things he did, I messed up my ways, now I am left with the pieces
of the puzzle, trying to clean up the mess I made.

The days go slower and the nights get lonely, as I think back the years,
the talks we shared, the laugh we had, such a wonderful time, even though
we weren't together at the time, because I would disappear day and night.

Day and Night thats what it was to me, but as my wish came true within
the years over time, I wanted you to be mine, and wanted to hang out
for the first time, my wish of you became true.

Wishing of you, longing for you, wanting forever with you, but then
the mess I made came through, and I broke your heart and trust, I died
inside because I couldn't believe that I done that to you.

Hanging by a thread, thats how close I am to losing you,now I took
a step back to look at the picture that I made into a mess, within 
this picture I see my wrongs, I never planned to do you wrong.

Now that leads me to my thoughts, you want to know what they tell me?
"Dear child, this isn't the plan that was plan to be,how could you do 
this now you make him want to flee, dear child are you too blind to see
that he gave you everything when you was too selfish to see, my child look 
in his eyes, tell me what do you see?"

I see a young man that plans big for me, and by the look in his eyes I can
see that he is in love with me, he cares for the flaws thats within me,why
throw away the prize that I wanted to be just for me?

Now the thoughts share that, I tried for so long for this, why waste it away
over stupid shit, you see fix the mess you made, before you end up saying
goodbye to the wish you wanted to be, just know that a mess can be neatened once
again, so fix it while you can.
Tags: Love, Sadness, Shame
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