No words can say


26 Feb, 2016 10:40 AM
No words to say to describe 
how I feel about you, 
When I'm in pain you take it all away,
I cherished the way you sweep me away. 
I've waited centuries, longing for you,
spending a day with you makes me smile 
like I never lost my innocence.

You make things bright when there is no light, 
I want to say that 365 days a year isn't enough 
to put into words on how much you mean to me. 
Immortality is what I wish for you and me,
so I can have my share to say how I feel, 
you are the oxygen in the air that I breathe.

You are my stars that make me pleased, 
as I look at you I see a wonderful piece that came to
rescue me when I don't have a hero, 
you are the prince charming that I dreamed of when I was
young, I cherish my moments with you, 
but I became lonely when you are not near, near to say
you love me, near to hold me.

I said what a beautiful thing that was brought to me, 
you are worth more than oxygen on this earth
itself, but far more than that I see you as the Solar System
that keeps the planets from drifting
away, I admire the beauty in the Solar System.

I admire all the things you do, I trust you completely, 
I gave you my heart and never asked it back
because you are the only one that holds the key.

So as I look up at the stars and the moon,I think of you,
Think about the good times, 'cause we haven't had a bad time,
So as I sit here and think I go speechless, 
I think how can someone like you love me, for me and understand me.

Understanding me instead of judging.
My love,my love I adore you, and I cherish, 
cherish for the way you treat me, 
for the way you make me want to
get up and feel like I can do anything, 
you bring me up when I am low, 
you get me high just with one kiss.

The way you are is perfect to me and always will be, 
I wouldn't want you to change.
Not changing you for being you, its a gift that I love, 
your tenderness, your passion,
your happiness, your gentle ways to me.

As I start to say, that there is no words in the world 
that can explain the way you make me feel,
and no words can say how much I love you..
Tags: Love, Happiness
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