The Devil in Me ?

Shaylee Belyea

07 Apr, 2014 09:37 PM
?  Being Together; is amazing. 
A Feeling ive never known.
Yet when your gone;
The worlds dark;
And I am all alone. 

  The Way You Hold Me;
Hands hot like fire.
Your love scorching me;
Taking me higher and higher.

 Ive been captured by something;
That I cant escape.
Im tortured and trapped;
Is this my endless fate?

 Let those lips of fire; 
Gently brush against mine.
Burn me inside out;
Its our illegal crime.

 I love feeling wanted;
Like im the only one he needs.
But what do you do;
When it feels like;
You cant breathe...

  It’s a nasty drug;
So smooth and easy.
Feels so blissful;
And harmlessly pleasing.

  I pray for the love I have;
To be equally returned.
But this devils love;
Is yet to be earned. 

  Its like the devils hand;
Reaching deep into my chest. 
Stealing away my soul;
Doing what;
It knows best.

  Theres a monster;
And its crawling deep.
Eating me alive;
Im unable to scream.

  Its scratching; clawing.
With dirty finger nails.
It rips my corpse to pieces.
At breaking me; 
It never fails.

  Tears on my face;
Crimson red on my wrists.
It seems inside;
The devils pissed.

  Its like a million monsters; 
Maybe even more.
Screaming until; 
Its all a dull roar.

  The pain is subsiding;
Starting to cease.
It seems the monster;
Can see its disease.

  His claws untangle;
From around my throat.
The sense of disease;
Has given him hope.

  He whispers seven; surreal words.
Iloveyou; you’ve set me free.
It seems hes even;
Released the devil in me.
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cheyenne says:
14 Sep, 2014 04:18 PM

Man, this poem made me feel every detail you put in it, i could see whats going on i felt this poem and now i love this poem

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Micah says:
08 Nov, 2014 09:58 PM

It is truly beautiful

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