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I am thinking of you to the extent that I came up with the conclusion that I am, officially, missing you.
Loving you the way I did made me realize that the only way to forget you was to kill you, but, I can't kill someone I cared for so much.
Dear daddy, I will find my prince some day but you will always be my king.
- Alex
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Why love or care about someone, who will never care about you?
Tags: Love, Care, Hurt, Unloved
The less you care the less you have to lose
Tags: Care, Hurt, Feelings, Lose, Love
I don't want to be with you for days , months or years...!!
I want to be with you for ages and ages...!!
When he smiles'
He doesn't
Smile at you
He smile's straight behind you
sometimes i have to pretend that i reallyc don't care
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sometimes there are people that don't care...people just want to say  lies...just like told me you love me...but u don' told me that u care...but you don't...I'm trying to hate you...but i still love you.....
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