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Don't be confident when someone is very sweet to you.. Bear in my mind that even chocolates do expire so do feelings/sweetness :(
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you made my life, you have authrity to destroy it
- aryan
Submitted By: Aryan
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"If you fall,
I'll pick you up,
and if I can't,
I'll lay down right beside you."
- Cheyenne
Submitted By: cheyenne
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The less you care the less you have to lose
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The pleasure of love lasts for a moment, but the pain of love last for a lifetime.
I don't want to be with you for days , months or years...!!
I want to be with you for ages and ages...!!
When he smiles'
He doesn't
Smile at you
He smile's straight behind you
Love is a feeling, it can come and go but one day there is one person who can make you love them and if they hurt you you still have love for them.
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When you fell I caught you
When I fell you let go
You told me I was a MISTAKE
you never loved me or cared about me
You told me I was only good enough 
to mend you're Broken Heart
If Only Words Could Speak For The Heart,
Then People Would Know How I Really Felt.

~McKenzie Strouse