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It was that split second of beauty that left me breathless.
It was that split second of hatred that held me captive.
It was that split second of pain that left me helpless.
It was that split second of "forever" that left me endless.
And it was that spilt second of drowning that left me dead.
People tell me to not give up. To not lose heart. But I can't help the fact that I'm unable to control my emotions. Emotions aren't meant to be controlled.
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Happiness isn't something to lose, it's something to fight for.
Crying, doesn't make you weak.
Your emotions matter. 
Every milisecond of your pain is worth something. It's DOING something.
It's okay to make mistakes, everyone does.
Relapses happen. It does not mean you're a failure.
Just breathe.
You're here and alive today, and that is something to be proud of.
Bad days happen. So do good ones.
You are deserving of love.
It's not weak to rely on others or ask for help.

So don't give up. Keep breathing.
Hearts are not won
Nor are they bought
they are something 
you must earn
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Dont blame people for disappointing you 
but blame your self for expecting too much from them ..
Loneliness is a poet;
it writes your deepest emotion 
of love and sadness
at times when all you have is yourself.
Why we love someone, why we are happy in their presence and sad in their absence, 
why we want someone without any reason or relation...
because some relations has no explanations nor limitations
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even if I'm the worst person in the world,the most clumsy and no one wants me...
remember I'm the only person who will always be there to wipe your tears, to comfort you and cheer you up that can make you stand again....
The pleasure of love lasts for a moment, but the pain of love last for a lifetime.
So much hate that fills my veins It powers my rage and Feeds my  grief I tremble and i cry,Im trapped in darkness and its tearing at my soul.