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Without The Mask, Where Will You Hide?
You Can't Find Yourself Lost In Your Lies.
Tags: Lies, Mask, Hide, Pain, Lost
I hide my sadness behind a smile,
and use an umbrella in the rain.
I hide my trust behind a lie,
and tarnish silver with a stain.
Tags: Hide, Sadness, Rain, Trust, Lie, Pain
Too often, behind that smile of mine, I hide a thousand tears
Always you wear a mask, to hide the soul that is in you.
"Every heart has a pain only the way of expression is different -----  some hide in their eyes while some hide in their smile"-------
Tags: Pain, Hide, Eyes
Love cant be hidden.
- Tear Drops
Submitted By: Victoria Lopez
Tags: Love, Hide
So much hate that fills my veins It powers my rage and Feeds my  grief I tremble and i cry,Im trapped in darkness and its tearing at my soul.