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I live in a lie, and I lie to everybody I know, but my most common lie is the words:

"I'm fine"
I hide my sadness behind a smile,
and use an umbrella in the rain.
I hide my trust behind a lie,
and tarnish silver with a stain.
Tags: Hide, Sadness, Rain, Trust, Lie, Pain
The world isn't beautiful. It's your eyes that only believe in beauty.
Tags: Beauty, Alone, Fake, Lie
If they Lie about Love,Why do they even bother to act like they do......
Tags: Lie, Love, Betray
life is just not worth living if its all a lie to begin with....
Tags: Life, Lie, Begin
It is better to tell the truth to make someone cry, than to tell a lie to make someone smile.
Tags: Truth, Lie
True Love will never FADE unless it was a lie.
Tags: Lie, Love
love don't make life..
it makes u lie!!!
Tags: Love, Lie
if you love just be honest!remember that's better to tell the TRUTH to make someone CRY!than to tell a LIE to make someone SMILE.
Tags: Truth, Lie, Love
I belive "LOVE" is a 4 letter lie...
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