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I tell myself to keep it together. Then again how can I with all this emptiness?
- Empty
Submitted By: Tressie Hicks
Tags: Sadness, Empty
Empty your desires,
Say your goodbyers,
Play with fire,
You'll get burned.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Aya Kasim
Tags: Hurt, Fire, Goodbye, Empty
I know in a year you'll forget I'm gone, because I'm not really something to be dwelled on.
- Courtney Parker
Submitted By: Gypsie Rose
Tags: Sadness, Death, Worthless, Empty
Dont blame people for disappointing you 
but blame your self for expecting too much from them ..
Caves are empty,alone, dark and not a sign of life inside...Just how my chest felt when you died.
Tags: Sad, Love, Lost, Died, Empty