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The pain is like a rush, it runs out the anger and sadness through the blood, the pleasure is filled from the stains, the nerves dies from the knives, laughing in death from the silence it inspires, alone the mind will die, the body will pale and dissapear like a leaf in the wind.
- Timothy Long(me)
Submitted By: timothy long
Tags: Cutting, Crying, Pain, Past
When I draw I do it with a twist
The razor is my pen... My canvas, my wrist.
Tags: Cutting, Sad, Alone, Pain
The blood is fresh and I wonder, what did I do to deserve this pain..
Not happy, nor mad or sad, 
nothing in a tearless trail of broken bonds and dreams, wars of fiction, idea of langueges of horror and love.
You swear you love her but you had an affair with me...  if you really loved her you wouldn't have had an affair with me or lead me on </3 now i take my cold loveless blade and i cut into my arm and engraves a big bloody "D"
- Aris
Submitted By: SkeletalKey
Tags: Cutting, Sadness, Hate, Love, Affair, Secret