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"There is a reason to be reborn. 
It is the new changes that comes with it"

make this one better
- Naomi Kochan
Submitted By: Nasa common
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Not happy, nor mad or sad, 
nothing in a tearless trail of broken bonds and dreams, wars of fiction, idea of langueges of horror and love.
"If I died tomorrow, I would regret losing one thing. 
It wouldn't be life, or laughter, or family, 
it would be to know that 
I couldn't see your smile shining bright"
- Sadie
Submitted By: Sadie Bay
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in every relationship, 
it's easy to forget but always hard to forgive, sometimes even impossible.
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If every one is happy with you then surly you have made many compromise in your life. And if you are happy with every one, surly u have ignored many faults of others.
better show your lonely than pretend your happy
- joy
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