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The last thing I would ever want to do is bring you back into my hell of a life.
- Myself (2015)
Submitted By: Rolly Rios
Tags: Love, Regret, Sorrow
"If you feel any remorse for what you did, you will not hurt yourself."
- Alice
Submitted By: Alfred
Tags: Depression, Regret
We all have regrets. We learn from our mistakes and we might think back on them too. It only becomes a regret when you dwell on it and let it tear you apart.
Tags: Regret
Give up and move on, because regret is just a waste of time.
He's not a man if he's not willing to take the risk;
he's not a boy if he doesn't regret his love one bit 
and he's not a child if he has made you feel 
that with hope there's a will.
Tags: Risks, Regret, Hope, Will
"If I died tomorrow, I would regret losing one thing. 
It wouldn't be life, or laughter, or family, 
it would be to know that 
I couldn't see your smile shining bright"
- Sadie
Submitted By: Sadie Bay
Tags: Sad, Lonely, Happy, Death, Regret
Tell him/her your true feelings even though you think she/he doesn't know you. Cause if you don't, the feelings of regret, sadness, and pain will stay inside your heart that only time and tears can heal.
- R
Submitted By: ThatGirl
Tags: Regret, Truth, Sad, Love, Tears
I die when u mention his name,
I should have kissed you when we were running in the rains..
- Me
Tags: Pain, Regret