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suicide doesn't kill people, sadness kills people.
"I feel like I have fallen and cant get up, I loved you and you left, now I've got this pain in my chest, 
I'm stuck in this hurt and the only way out is by putting myself underneath the dirt."
I thought I wanted to die. But in reality I just want to be saved.
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The Pain will end, But the Guilt will kill you before the night ends.
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suicide is painless, its life that hurts
People don't die from suicide, they die from sadness.
In a blink of an eye, everything was gone. Everything was over, and no one cared. No one cared.
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With blood falling from my wrists and tears falling from my eyes,
......... I have written dark thoughts between the lines.
i fall asleep inside a dream, wake up in a nightmare. I'll be gone a few days from now, i wonder if they'll notice I'm not even there.
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Each night I would go to sleep with new scars engraved in my skin. It wasn't just a habit anymore; it was an addiction.
- CrystalWolfTear
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