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Love is the sweetest, most painful form of suicide.
Do you feel the need for suicide just to end the lies?
Even the fire doesn't hurt me when you're not with me. Suicide is the only way I'll ever feel anything again.
Tags: Love, Suicide
You put a hole in my heart... now I'll put a hole in my head...
Tags: Broken, Heart, Suicide
i fall asleep inside a dream, wake up in a nightmare. I'll be gone a few days from now, i wonder if they'll notice I'm not even there.
Tags: Suicide
Sorrow sank deep inside my blood, and all the ones around me, i care for, and most of all i love. But i can't see myself this way, please don't forget me, or cry now that I'm away.
Tags: Suicide
It is easier to give up than to keep going
with the last breath of my soul, i'll be blessing you...
- From Gloomy Sunday
Submitted By: Luse, Poison Elves
Tags: Death, Pain, Suicide, Love
My heart and i have decided to end it all....
- From Gloomy Sunday
Submitted By: Luse, Poison Elves
Tags: Suicide, Pain, Suffering
Without you by my side..i have second thoughts of suicide!
Tags: Love, Missing, Suicide