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Love chooses to believe the best about people. It gives them the benefit of the doubt. It refuses to fill in the unknowns with negative assumptions. And when our worst hopes are proven to be true, love makes every effort to deal with them and move forward. As much as possible, love focuses on the positive.
Be the reason that someone believes there is still some goodness in the people
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I will plant a rose flower and let it grow, it will be a symbol of love that only we will know in terms of winter and time of cold ... I will stick with you and never let go
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If life taught me anything, it taught me to never trust a man again. It taught me to never fall in love again. Because humans will always let you down. Being alone might be better than being hurt a thousand times over and over again by the same person who never even gives you a glance.
You can discover the true love of your wife only in the days of hunger.
- Vikrant Parsai
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Always put your trust or faith in God, because man will only disappoint you.
- Vikrant Parsai
Submitted By: Vikrant
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People ask me why is it so hard to trust people. 
I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise.
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in a world like this, you learn not to trust anybody, because then the only person who can betray you is yourself.
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I hide my sadness behind a smile,
and use an umbrella in the rain.
I hide my trust behind a lie,
and tarnish silver with a stain.
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Things go wrong when you're not there with me...
Hopes do fall when your not there with me...
Feel too lonely when you're no there with me...

You mean to me my world. 
I wish world would not had snatched u from me.
- Allen thomas