with the last breath of my soul, i'll be blessing you...
- From Gloomy Sunday
Submitted By: Luse, Poison Elves
Tags: Death, Pain, Suicide, Love
My heart and i have decided to end it all....
- From Gloomy Sunday
Submitted By: Luse, Poison Elves
Tags: Suicide, Pain, Suffering
watch the waves sweep the sand away & you'll understand the power of letting go......
Tags: Let Go, Love
its funy how you can pass rite bye each other Like if he was neva a huge part of your life.when you left me i lost a huge part of me things changed. i thot i was finaly over you untiL i saww you the other day and you smiled i felt tears come out and all i can do is just act like im okayy wen realy im dying inside I MISS youu like krazy but you love her not me ..
Love Nevers End....It Is Till The end Of The World ......
Tags: Love
there r many things i fear.. but losing you was worth every tear!
Tags: Love, Tears, Lost
Without you by my side..i have second thoughts of suicide!
Tags: Love, Missing, Suicide
I dream at night I can only see your face.I look around but it's you I can't replace
The deepest pain is the shattered love I now feel.
Tags: Love, Pain, Hurt, Deep
I Love The Rain, Cause It Knows My Pain.
Tags: Pain