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Aiden My Angel


18 Jul, 2012 12:43 AM

This story is not based on fiction or fantasy, but a story of true and beautiful love. A love that was full of life and color, that was never dull or quiet. A love that was truly one of a kind. We had a beautiful beginning and a wonderful middle sadly however we never got our happily ever after...

Aiden and I first met in our Freshmen year of High school in our English class, lets say it wasn't exactly love at first sight. In fact we practically hated one another, we were constantly at each others throats and we were both too stubborn and hot headed to get past this strange wall of anger that had been built between us. Towards the middle of Freshmen year we had finally reached talking terms, and by the end of it we were hanging out everyday at lunch and almost every other day outside of school, but Sundays were the one day we were always together because we both attended the same church. We were constantly questioned if we were dating and all that he and I could do was laugh. We were best friends and the thought of people seeing us as more than that seemed simply ridiculous.

Time went on and as Freshmen year ended and the summer began Aiden and I began to spend more and more time together and became practically inseparable. We each had our summer flings with other people but nothing serious, at the end of the day though there he and I were sitting on my patio with a drink in our hands and simply laughing and just talking about the people we met, the things we've done, and places we've been seen over the summer. Before we knew it Sophomore year had finally began. We were finally getting out of that awkward stage of high school and moving up the food chain. Able to drive and at the age where we could finally get a part time job, well at least Aiden could considering that his birthday was a day before school started and mine wasn't until September.

On the first day of school Aiden picked me up in his shiny silver cobalt, not his car of choice but still a car. When arriving at school every one thought that we had finally started dating, much to their dismay we told them we weren't. Time seemed to have flown by it was September and my birthday was less than 3 days away, I could practically taste the slight freedom I would soon receive. On Friday the day before my birthday halls were bustling and excited, ready for the nights football game against our biggest rivals. I had intended on going with Aiden, that was until I found a note in my locker inscribed to me. Opening it, it read "Wear something nice tonight, I have a surprise for you. I'll pick you up at 7. -Aiden"
I was confused, what was Aiden up to? Rushing home I got ready and began to turn my clean room into a unbelievable mess with mountains of clothing. DING DONG. Aiden had arrived right when I slipped on a yellow sundress. I ran down stairs to greet him, he actually surprised me with how good he cleaned up. We walked to his car and we headed off to the city, to my surprise he took me to a nice Italian restaurant and after we had finished we headed to the beach right when the sun was setting. We walked by the water and just talked, as the sun finally set fireworks had suddenly began. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect, I couldn't believe that Aiden came up with this, he was more romantic than I thought. As the light show ended we walked back towards his car when he suddenly stopped us for a moment. "Autumn.." He said looking at me. I could see in his eyes that there was something wrong. "What is it?" I asked unsure.

"There is something I need to tell you that I've wanted to say to you for a long time now... and it's been killing me. So.. here it goes." I stood there for a second and began to chuckle. "I can't believe I'm doing this." .."Aiden what is it?" I felt my heart begin to skip. "Autumn... I love you. I have for a long time... I just never got the chance or rather I was way to scared to tell you. I don't want this to change us, and I'm not looking for you to say it too. I just I can't keep going without telling you this, cause it'll make me sick." He finished and simply looked at me. I didn't know what to do or what to say. "Aiden..." I was in shock. "Like I said Autumn I'm not looking for you to say it back, I just want you to know." He flashed me a smile and slowly turned around.

I stood there petrified. What was this going to do to us? Would it change everything? Of course it would, I was just too afraid to see it clearly or even think about it. I began to walk and I started to realize that this whole time somewhere inside of me I had feelings for him too, I had just repressed them. I was scared but, I guess it's true that you do fall for your best friend. I looked up and Aiden was already by his car waiting for me, all of a sudden I was running. He saw me and began to walk my way and and in an instant I was holding and kissing him. "I love you." I said with a smile stretched across my face.
I could see in his eyes that he was astonished yet as happy as could be. That amazing night I will forever remember because it was the happiest day of my life, September 3rd, 2007.

Days flew by, then weeks, months, and even years. Attending Christmas and Summer vacations with our families who were more than happy that we were finally together, night outs into the city to get dinner, double dates with our best friends, and even voted prom king and queen by our friends senior year. We were in love, blissful and beautiful love. Soon enough we were sitting together at graduation looking back on some of our best memories. The fall after we graduated we attended Virginia Tech together, still as strong a couple as we were in high school. Things were perfect, but like every perfect moment it ends. In the middle of our freshmen year of college I noticed that Aiden was loosing weight and something seemed wrong, he was becoming sick more often than usual and he was tired all the time. It was unlike him and I was beginning to worry, but every time I asked him if he was okay all he said was he's fine or he has a bug. He was never a good liar, and he knew it because every time he told me he was "fine" his eyes became big and his face grew pale. In mid December we we're in my dorm watching a movie while cuddled up on the couch when out of no where he let out a blood curdling cry of agony a sound that I will never forget. I called 911 and the paramedics were there within a few minutes, as they loaded him on the gurney and took him to the ambulance I was a frantic mess. I didn't know what was going on, I was scared I would loose him but I knew that I had to stay positive. I raced to my car and followed behind the ambulance until we reached the hospital. As they took him into the ER I stood in the waiting room impatiently waiting to hear from the doctor. Two hours later Dr. Richards came into the waiting room, I raced up to him ready for answers.
"Doctor what's going on, is he okay?" I asked quickly.
"He's resting right now and you can go see him if you'd like, the cancer is really taking it's toll on his body."
"I'm sorry did you say cancer?" I said in shock.
"Yes I did... I'm sorry did you not know?" He was confused. "No... he never told me.." He lied to me, Aiden never told me about this, any of it. "Autumn, he has pancreatic cancer, the cancer has spread beyond the help of chemo or radiation."
"Wh- what does that mean? He's going to die?"
"I'm afraid so. I'm terribly sorry."
"How long?"
"I diagnosed him a month ago, but because the cancer is at an advanced stage I give him 5 months, 8 if he's lucky."
"5 months? That's it?"
"I truly am sorry." I stood there silent.
"Can I see him now?" I asked through tears.
"Of course." We walk through the double doors past patients and working nurses and doctors. We had finally made it to Aiden's room where he was resting.
"I'll leave you two alone." He closed the door behind him.

I stood there not moving just looking at Aiden, and when he looked back I could see in his eyes that he knew. "Doc told you huh?" He chuckles. "How can you be laughing?" I say astonished. "Autumn.."
"Don't... you knew this whole time and you... you never said anything. Not one word." I felt the tears coming.
"I tried to tell you... but the face you have right now was exactly what I was scared of seeing if I told you."
"So what you were just going to wait until you were dead for me to find out?!" I couldn't hold my anger anymore.
"No! Because I wanted us to be as normal as we could! I... I don't want things to change Autumn, I don't want this to change us. I don't want the rest of what ever I have left spent in a bed just waiting for me to rot and die." His voice was beginning to crack. I was speechless, I knew then why he didn't say anything. He was scared just like I was, and there I stood feeling like a big bag of shit.

I walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed taking his hand. "Aiden that's not going to happen I promise. And I'm sorry, but you and me, we don't have secrets, we never have. So from this moment on, no more secrets. Deal?" He smiles. "Deal." I kiss him on the head. From that moment on there were no secrets, no more hiding, no more tears, and no more sadness. From that moment on our love was brighter and stronger than ever. We spent every waking moment together just taking advantage of the time we had left. Two months passed then three and as I began to have hope things took a turn for the worst, at four months Aiden wasn't able to walk much or stand, his health was decreasing rapidly and his body was steadily loosing its mass. It was hard for me to watch him endure this, but I wasn't going to leave him.

I remember April 12th 2011 like it was yesterday. We were sitting in the hospital like the days earlier. He was laying in bed as I was reading him a book. "You wanna know something?" He asked looking at me, his voice almost inaudible.
"Sometimes I imagine that you and me are like people in a book that fall in love and have a happily ever after. I'm jealous of them though, because I won't ever get my happily ever after with you."
"Aiden.." I put down the book and sit on the bed. "Lets worry about the here and now okay? Besides we had a great fairy tale of our own though."
"You made a a great princess Autumn, better than all the others." He said making a smile as big as he could. "And you were a terrific prince that sweep-ed me off my feet." I laid next to him and he kissed the top of my head. "I love you baby." He whispered.
"I love you too." And the tears began.
We fell asleep together that night and at 1:09 am on April 13th, 2011 Aiden Wyatt Montgomery passed. Some how I knew that night we spent together would be his last and in a way I guess I accepted it I certainly wasn't okay with it however, but I knew that he was in a much better place.

It has been over a year since Aiden passed and not a day goes by that I don't think about him or miss him. He was everything to me, my love, hope, inspiration, partner, confidant, and prince. Many people have their ideas of love and have many different experiences. Love can come and go, but the memories never fade. Love really is like a fairy tale, the prince and princess fall in love, they face a bumpy road and an adventure along the way, and they live happily ever after. Sadly that isn't the case for me because my book keeps going even though I wanted it to end with Aiden. If I have learned anything from being with him, it's that love is never perfect but it's stronger than anyone could ever imagine, it just has to be put to the test. Where ever Aiden may be I will never forget him and I will always love him.

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jasmine says:
10 Dec, 2012 08:40 PM

i admire your strength and love for him (: it really is a sad love story.

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Morgan Roberts says:
14 Dec, 2012 05:47 PM

Oh my goodness, that's soooo sad. :(

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Sophie says:
15 Dec, 2012 07:50 PM

This is soo sad It almost brought tears to my eyes(I don't cry eaisly)

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ali says:
16 Dec, 2012 05:51 AM

That is very very very very very very very very so much too wonderful story
I hope know you,
If you agree,please send me E.mail on
thanks for interesting
Best regards

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Roni L. says:
16 Dec, 2012 06:43 AM

:'( this story made me cry...

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Gabby T. says:
17 Dec, 2012 04:04 AM

I think i found a little mistake here:
I remember April 12th 2011 like it was yesterday. We were sitting in the hospital like the days earlier. He was laying in bed as I was reading him a book.

We fell asleep together that night and at 1:09 am on April 13th, 2011 Aiden Wyatt Montgomery passed.

Yeah you might want to fix that...

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angel says:
17 Dec, 2012 07:01 AM

That's what we call true love

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Sydney says:
17 Dec, 2012 07:13 AM

This is a beautiful story. I defiantly cried..:(

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Salehe Mduma says:
17 Dec, 2012 08:24 AM

Thats realy sorrow! Keep on inspiring couples who are on the verge of losing hope,am very xory!

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Salehe Mduma says:
17 Dec, 2012 08:33 AM

Thats realy sorrow! Keep on inspiring couples who are on the verge of losing hope,am very xory!

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Ria.m says:
17 Dec, 2012 11:17 AM

No matter what he is always with you :)he is always watching you! when you cry he also, when you smile he also smile!he still loves you and i know he is always alive in your heart:)so be happy :)for yourself and for him:)!

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Mun Borgohain says:
17 Dec, 2012 03:16 PM

Ur word to appreciate...u r best fo the bst....a salute to u...

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Mun Borgohain says:
17 Dec, 2012 03:19 PM

in simple u r GREAT....

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blank says:
18 Dec, 2012 01:25 AM

I dont feel any less manly crying to a story like that :'(

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Dwayne Hastings says:
18 Dec, 2012 02:41 AM

this is so sad, inspiring and it tells me a lot about life.. pls contact me at,,,, i need to hear from you. thanks...

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Sam goraya says:
19 Dec, 2012 07:00 AM

I...I jst dnt knw wt 2 say
Plz snd m e-mail on

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Elija says:
28 Dec, 2012 08:02 AM

I hope he is in a better place, god bless u both. :)

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kyra lussier says:
14 Feb, 2013 02:51 AM

Read gabbyt s coment shes a snoby stuck up girl and just know that hes whatching over you smiling and know that he loves u...dont ever forget it......<3

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Tiernen says:
22 Jul, 2013 10:04 AM

I just bawled.
You're so strong and brave.

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Catherine says:
25 Jul, 2013 08:37 AM

What a beautiful story. He's so proud of you.

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Tabi says:
11 Apr, 2014 08:38 PM

Beautiful story. I cried :'-(

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25 Sep, 2014 07:22 AM

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Sakuna Foontong says:
04 Nov, 2014 07:19 AM

This is too sad to be true I feel very bad!! I cried so much I was scared I had got the cancer and I asked my mother if I can go to a quick doctor's check up and when I wen there I had a blood cancer! well I won't die till another six months but yeah!!! SO I hope something like this should never happen to anyone else in the world!! Bye I only have 2 more months and I will die!! (tear)

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actoguvav says:
16 Nov, 2014 02:06 PM

Hello. And Bye.

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actoguvav says:
16 Nov, 2014 02:09 PM

Hello. And Bye.

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Faith says:
22 Nov, 2014 06:49 PM

This is a really sad story and I'm only a teen and my life has just begun but I do think that u should be grateful coz u had something only a few people ever find "True love" and that in itself is a treasure I might be young but I am certainly finding my way and I hope u find urs too

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Listya Evans says:
22 Dec, 2014 02:24 PM

Hey, Autumn. That's truly such an amazing love. A perfect love . Don't you know that I was crying reading your story? Keep spirit. Life goes on, Autumn! Cheers

You reader-Listya :)

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gabi says:
13 Jan, 2015 06:47 AM

i am so sry. This is a beautiful love story and I hope that u find love again. Aiden sounds like an amazing guy and I hope that when I get older, I find a guy who loves me as much as aiden loved u. I hope u live a long and happy life and I'm sure that aiden is watching over u

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Madeline says:
04 Mar, 2015 01:30 AM

Oh my goodness, stay strong <3 He loved you so much and I'm sure he would've done anything to be with you if he were still alive. <3 When you described your relationship i was smiling because he seems so perfect :) <3 Stay Strong, love you <333 ~Madeline :)

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Judith says:
02 Apr, 2015 12:13 AM

shame mahn!......why is it that true love always ends this way....this story is so touching.......may he rest in perfect peace

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drummergirl_2016 says:
08 May, 2015 03:22 PM

Great story! It's really heartfelt. I wish there were more people like your Aiden. I hope you find someone just like him because he will always be with you and he sounds like he was an amazing guy.

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jhanaysa says:
28 May, 2015 01:56 AM

It's the saddest story I have ever heard I love ? this story

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Babiineptune says:
28 Jul, 2015 10:28 AM

I absolutely cried reading your story. Such an amazing love story. Thank you so much for sharing. Yours and Aiden's love is definitely an inspiration.

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Kaitlyn G. says:
17 Aug, 2015 03:15 PM

Hi Autumn,
Your story was so heartfelt and rare, and true. I'm a songwriter and producer and I would love to do a song, for you. May I?

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Sunny says:
16 Oct, 2015 10:26 PM

Girl ... I wish a girlfriend like u ... Cuz u actually stood by the love of hr life and. It the looksnfo other ppl ... So proud ...

And if possible I would like to be aide. In my next life ... Atleast to feel tht love from.someone like u , is like living 100 lives ...

God bless u and aiden ... It better than Romeo Juliet love story , cuz I had tears in my eye , even when I was having a smile reading ur story .... It was very heart touching ...

Love ya both ..

By , a LOVER ..

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Edward Amara says:
22 Oct, 2015 07:12 AM

Love moves mountains, he is dead but you still love him; how great your love could have been had he stayed alive. You're are a great lover

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Julia Brase says:
02 Nov, 2015 06:45 AM

This is one of the saddest stories I've ever read, you are one beautiful lover

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nsizwa says:
03 Nov, 2015 09:16 PM

Its sad but better that love ends when one dies than cheating & other usseless reasons

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Lizzy Jennings says:
05 Nov, 2015 12:10 AM

That was beautiful. Really made me cry :'(

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Lobzang says:
09 Nov, 2015 08:34 AM

This sad story is lovely ......its make me cry such its heart touching love u Aiden nd Autumn u both of lovely lover in this world.... its vry less like u....its same in my life bt I m nt losted love .....But I m losted my percious mom i miss my mom u mom...sry im sharing here about my lovely mom

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Lobzang says:
09 Nov, 2015 08:43 AM

This sad story is lovely ......its make me cry such its heart touching love u Aiden nd Autumn u both of lovely lover in this world.... its vry less like u....its same in my life bt I m nt losted love .....But I m losted my percious mom i miss my mom u mom...sry im sharing here about my lovely mom

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Claire Ann Reyes says:
09 Nov, 2015 10:53 AM

it really made me cry while listening to lena parks "dont worry about me"(my wish)

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Julia Brase says:
10 Nov, 2015 07:54 AM

This is a beautifully sad. u were an amazing person in this story.

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ambuja says:
12 Nov, 2015 10:45 AM


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paige says:
18 Nov, 2015 01:37 PM

this is sad i cried is it real

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natasha kate urot says:
19 Nov, 2015 12:41 AM

it was very touching love story .. it made cry really hard! i thOught their relatiOnship was all perfect..:'( Autumn, u may find a guy huz capable of loving you as what Aiden did..

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kiiana says:
19 Nov, 2015 05:31 AM

I feel really bad for you but aiden will always love you and look over you sweat heart even thought he is in heaven he will still love you may aiden rest in peace

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Evander Houria says:
19 Nov, 2015 03:35 PM

oh shit I'm in tears...

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Dessa says:
22 Nov, 2015 12:22 AM

I have cancer, too... It's sad how something in life (which is so short, if you really think about it) could ruin so many people. To be honest, I'm just 12. Today's my birthday.

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Taylor Jamali says:
24 Nov, 2015 08:26 AM

before I tot my case were the pain one in the world,but after reading this,I really understand that yours is painful.

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candice xamfunk says:
27 Nov, 2015 05:15 AM

i jst luf ua story ma eyes is full of tears may god b wid aiden n wid u

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Leslie says:
27 Nov, 2015 06:21 PM

This is so sad????????

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BenignBoy says:
29 Nov, 2015 04:08 AM

Very sad story

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Kita says:
30 Nov, 2015 06:12 PM

This was really emotional and it makes me realize that I need to love my bf as much as I can and make the most of life with him cause I don't know how long we will have each other

profile pic
yemzee says:
30 Nov, 2015 07:13 PM

Sighs. what a lovely nd tragic story. I pray u will find love like dat once again. may his perfect soul rest in peace. just feel like cry.

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Tamairo Mitchell says:
03 Dec, 2015 07:53 PM

I love his story its sad but its a great story with a good point behind it

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Tiiau says:
03 Dec, 2015 11:25 PM

it the best love I ever imagine, stronger till the end

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Deki says:
05 Dec, 2015 09:29 AM

Best story ever I will pray that both of you will be reborn together and live happy ever after ????

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david laltoo says:
05 Dec, 2015 07:40 PM

This story inspires me a lot to know that you have a great relationship and then at the point were u guys are so close together and it all rips away but u still hold on ....

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Roxan Coronel says:
15 Dec, 2015 10:50 PM

My tears was like rain when i was reading this story huhuhu :(

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kajal says:
16 Dec, 2015 10:17 AM

Ohh my goodness was really such a beautiful and great sad love story

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joan says:
17 Dec, 2015 07:54 PM

Autumn I feel your pain and also your joy that you had some memorable time to spend with Aiden before he died.

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Martha Laurencia Afrikaner says:
21 Dec, 2015 12:31 PM

As I was reading your story, I couldn't do nothing but cry, because I also lost my Aden to death and share the same sentiment with you: fairy tales are not real. My Aden was shot dead sixteen years ago. I married and go on with my life, but the heart is still bleeding. We were so young and so much in love, but I have realized that I should not lean back and gather old sorrows to create new wounds, but how can one ever forget when part of you is no more?

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Camilla says:
25 Dec, 2015 02:19 PM

I was crying so bad

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mahir says:
25 Dec, 2015 05:57 PM

you are a very brave girl ! no word to say ! Just salute you , best of luck for your life . :) :D

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pnkaj says:
26 Dec, 2015 05:39 AM

So sad storyyyy yr

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emily says:
31 Dec, 2015 05:37 PM

I'm so sorry my dad passed away a month

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aisha says:
01 Jan, 2016 03:38 AM

OMFG thats the saddest story ever!Buh i just wanna know is it true if it is imma die i really wanna know plz reply autumn thanks!!

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Lala martinez says:
05 Jan, 2016 07:43 PM

I'm so sorry for your lost. I can relate to this. I lost my Brayan than I lost my Romeo and I just lost my Joey in October and it hurts but now I know what true love feels like.

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Adam Pheifer says:
06 Jan, 2016 01:05 AM

He was cheating on you watch......

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charrie ann says:
09 Jan, 2016 09:41 AM

wow !this story it makes me really touched my heart while i was reading the sad part of the story my tears began to run down :) forever do happens

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geramae e. salidania says:
13 Jan, 2016 07:37 AM

kahit nwala mn cya but still forever cya saung heart..

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Shay says:
13 Jan, 2016 10:02 PM

Wow this story was simply amazing, sad but amazing. How they end up together and everything else. There love will never be forgotten may Aiden stay in peace up above.

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Florence says:
16 Jan, 2016 03:21 AM

This story touched my heart... and it's not the first time I've heard it This is like a dagger plunged into my heart. The love that Autumn and Aiden shared was not a love at first site but it was a pure love. They started out as friends, then became the best of friends, and then later on became more than that. This is a very interesting story and it made me tear up. I love this book! :) :*(

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xiaonan says:
17 Jan, 2016 05:56 PM

I can't believe that people can have this story. This is a disaster if you have ever had. Somethimes i want to have a boyfriend to love, and then to end up like this because it seemed fantastic. So romanticely. But now. No. I believe you can have pain and that you cry yourself in sleep. I don't want that. Do i want also not to have this story in my own life.

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terry says:
19 Jan, 2016 03:49 AM

Jesus, i was crying halfway the story, its truly sad,i admire the love you both shared though

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Star gazzer says:
21 Jan, 2016 03:02 AM

I'm sorry for your loss and don't suicide because physically and mentally that kind of influence can cause suicidal thoughts

profile pic
Kennyxaenden says:
23 Jan, 2016 10:02 PM

I cried my eyes out, truly is a sad story. My prayers go out to you. Stay strong and God will be with you as will your Aiden.

profile pic
Lungmi says:
26 Jan, 2016 06:09 AM

I don't have any words to say but love is always amazing and sadness so,let your memories would keep you always happyness smile.

profile pic
ali says:
26 Jan, 2016 07:47 PM

Although your relationship before knowing the truth of his disease is the happiest part of your relationship but I think the part after you knew he was a cancerous represented the brightest part of your relationship .Thus you are a heroine of love

profile pic
Teanibuti says:
02 Feb, 2016 02:53 AM

Very interesting, I Felt very sad when reading it
but it is true that love can go but memories can stay forever as
a rememberance, thank you for your good sad story

profile pic
Vishnu Pk says:
07 Feb, 2016 06:03 PM

Hmm :( thts really a sad stuff! I really dnt enjoy reading sad i like to read such stories than stories tht are like 'happile ever aftr'.... Even mine ain't a similar one....!

profile pic
Lisa Marie Servos says:
08 Feb, 2016 09:27 PM

Oh my gosh this is so sad. I would like to make a movie put of ur story cause I think it would be a great one

profile pic
Uruj says:
11 Feb, 2016 11:07 AM

i truly respect ur love.. i was trying to not cry but at last i lose m control n i cried too much... for us it's just a story but for u it's the only reality... girl u r very brave seriously hats off u... Aiden was very lucky... very few people could stay in this kind of circumstances in which u r right now.. but i wanna say that plz live happily for ur love he is watching u..

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gift zee siphoe says:
15 Feb, 2016 01:55 PM

a.sad love story indeed..

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Someone says:
04 Mar, 2016 12:32 AM

I am so sorry that is so sad ????

profile pic
Shaira says:
05 Mar, 2016 09:51 AM

That was really a great story..
But the ending was really sad..
But I don't really expect that a story of yours really exist!
But keep moving..Lord is always there to give us strength and will always love you.

profile pic
saurav says:
06 Mar, 2016 07:51 PM

in absence only we can able to feel our dear one's presence......tats true for sure...great story......

profile pic
srishti says:
16 Mar, 2016 11:30 AM

this story made me cry... :( i just hope this never happens to anyone :(

profile pic
sadie says:
19 Mar, 2016 09:33 AM

I've only cried once for a story, so its hard to make me cry. This is the 2nd story I've ever cried for. This story is one of my favorite stories and I will remember it for a long time. It opened my eyes to a lot of new things. It helped me through some things as well. If things like this never happened there would never be that happiness. I'm glad to have read this story. ???

profile pic
Lejand says:
20 Mar, 2016 01:10 AM

So sad and I really should thank you for that kind of courage..

profile pic
emma says:
20 Mar, 2016 04:56 AM

that is such a sad beautiful story omg im crying

profile pic
Madi says:
26 Mar, 2016 07:22 PM

I'm 11 but I know this boy in my classes who "hates me" and his name is Aiden too!!! I'm really sorry that happened! Stay Strong!!!! xoxo (I definitely cried)

profile pic
Niyah says:
31 Mar, 2016 01:53 PM

really liked it, so sad. Good job

profile pic
dua says:
02 Apr, 2016 04:11 PM

u r brave

profile pic
brooke luna says:
08 Apr, 2016 02:55 AM

It's almost been 4 years, I am so sorry. You will never find a love like this again, but you sure in fact will find a great love. A love that is strong, a love that can never be burnt. I wish you the best dear. May aiden be with you in the spirits.

profile pic
Tristan Meave says:
13 Apr, 2016 06:30 AM

Thank you I needed that

profile pic
Lisa Holder says:
14 Apr, 2016 04:38 AM

I'm sorry about aiden.this was a very sad story and it brought me to tears from reading.

profile pic
Martha Nava says:
21 Apr, 2016 05:03 AM

Your story made me cry and remembered me that there is a person that will make me fall in true love such as yours.I really admire your story it was such a beautiful story and sad but that love will always be alive no matter what thanks..?

profile pic
Miah says:
25 Apr, 2016 01:52 AM

I hope that some day I share the love with someone that you and Aiden shared

profile pic
Sami says:
29 Apr, 2016 02:21 AM

I'm so sorry. Your story inspired me. I'm sure you will find love again if you already haven't. He seemed like the nicest person in the world??. But, you will find love again I promise. Maybe not one as good as you and his, but it will be their. And when it does I promise you will be so happy. I'm positive Aiden will be happy for you that your happy again.

profile pic
gani says:
14 May, 2016 11:45 PM

soo sorry for that dear. he's in a better place now watching over you as your guardian Angel.

profile pic
lincy gates. says:
15 May, 2016 04:02 AM

Don't worry my friend im you'll love again someday better than this one and im sure you will move forward till end good luck.

profile pic
Brooke Hackney says:
15 May, 2016 11:27 PM

This made me cry this is so sad

profile pic
MiTsuO says:
17 May, 2016 01:25 PM


profile pic
Priyanka says:
02 Jun, 2016 04:29 AM

I am so sorry for your lost.
You were both lucky to have had each other.

profile pic
Ranjana Negi says:
04 Jun, 2016 10:21 AM

This is really hart taching story.Love u both

profile pic
Ayden says:
15 Jun, 2016 07:49 AM

I think that's a beautiful story and I am not ashamed to say that I cried because having a soul doesn't make you less of a man. I came to this site cause I was feeling down, but after that, I realize how lucky I am to have my girlfriend. Thank you.

profile pic
valiant143strong says:
28 Jun, 2016 06:24 AM

From my perspective. reading this type of story is one of the most effective ways to prepare oneself for the unexpected phenomenon such as an untimely death because I believe that these stories will aid people in understanding the true essence of life, love and people around us. As for the author, I would like to sincerely thank you because you inadvertently help readers grasp the meaning of life....

profile pic
fred church says:
30 Jun, 2016 03:36 PM

how do we mend a broken heart? sometimes never

profile pic
cindy says:
03 Jul, 2016 09:44 PM

Am very sad,u r indeed a strong woman

profile pic
??? says:
08 Jul, 2016 04:29 AM

I'm so sorry I'm just a teen starting my life but I know no one should have to lose someone they love even at that age. Life keeps moving forward wether you like it or not. Don't play the sad moments in your mind cherish the happy the times you have laughed so much your stomach hurts. Stay strong.

profile pic
Jeanette says:
12 Jul, 2016 10:37 PM

I cried while reading this, I love ur love story. Be Strong and as long as u have him in ur heart and mind...that's what counts most right ?

profile pic
Maquenzie Kisamore says:
21 Jul, 2016 01:22 PM

This is heart touching and sad I might make a story that's true but when I saw this I cried it touched my heart I felt bad for the poor boy and girl...

profile pic
Alie says:
22 Jul, 2016 10:25 PM

Oh my god . This was so wonderfully written . Great , sad story

profile pic
Huzaifa says:
23 Jul, 2016 08:23 AM

So sad he passed away....but a beautiful love story.

profile pic
Aynekulu Dejen says:
23 Jul, 2016 10:51 AM

i can't control my tear from falling down. i wish u never lost him. he is a real lover-real human. i wish u to calm strong my sister.

profile pic
appu says:
25 Jul, 2016 12:01 PM

its too sad if i was in girls position means i would have died with him it self bcoz i dont find any world without him or i cant even think life without him bcoz i'm also in love and got married

profile pic
Gracyn says:
31 Jul, 2016 12:37 AM

Oh My God I am sooooooooooo sorry :'(

profile pic
muboraksho says:
06 Aug, 2016 05:53 AM

you are a very brave girl ! no word to say !I wish every girl be like you

profile pic
muboraksho says:
06 Aug, 2016 05:54 AM

you are a very brave girl ! no word to say !I wish every girl be like you

profile pic
Yasmine says:
06 Aug, 2016 10:29 AM

I miss aiden too August.???? I truly do

profile pic
Yusraa says:
08 Aug, 2016 07:33 AM

I really cried????

profile pic
Laniyah says:
18 Aug, 2016 05:29 PM

This was a great story and I cried at the end

profile pic
Shinyle Suarez-Bond says:
19 Aug, 2016 07:57 PM

I almost bawled my eyes out but my mom interrupted my reading so my heart had time to recover from this sad story.

profile pic
Navaeh says:
23 Aug, 2016 03:26 PM

Omg.. This story is so sad!! ????

profile pic
Amari says:
26 Aug, 2016 02:00 AM

Sorry for your lost this is a beautiful story

profile pic
Michael says:
26 Aug, 2016 03:35 PM

Omg i am crying right now this is so sad. ;(

profile pic
jordan says:
29 Aug, 2016 09:10 PM

i am so sorry for your loss i understand and i just pray for you and aiden

profile pic
Karmen says:
01 Sep, 2016 11:02 AM

Wow. Your post is truly beautiful I really don't have any words for how amazing this is and I am truly sorry for your loss but he will never ever be forgotten

profile pic
Rajan says:
09 Sep, 2016 08:12 PM

Pain is all buried inside me too..
No one can recover u or me frm this

profile pic
Vivi says:
12 Oct, 2016 04:46 AM

Oh Autumn... I can't help but admire you :) You are a true lover. Your story is wonderfully sad. How I wish he lived longer and you had the 'happily ever after <333 ' But it's alright. Yeah? ?
He's always besides you ????
Much love ^ Vivi^

profile pic
Sonam Dechen says:
01 Nov, 2016 02:45 PM

Love starts with happiness but at the end it only ends with sadness ....
I love this story ....

profile pic
Lonely says:
27 Feb, 2017 12:14 PM

I really like this. This story is sooo beautiful. I like to read love story becaue I know how love feel

profile pic
Aidan Gonzalez says:
18 Apr, 2017 09:44 PM

Hi, my name is Aidan. My birthday is the day before school starts too. Also, I'm in love with a girl who once loved me and now doesn't. I hope you're doing well.

profile pic
Paige says:
23 Mar, 2018 02:41 PM

I cried!!! This is sooooo sad. Stay strong and good luck moving forward. You may never forget him so keep him in your heart.

profile pic
William says:
25 Mar, 2018 05:06 AM

I understand that this is sad, but how is the the second most popular sad story?(btw I didn't cry... Wish I did though)

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