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Cloudy Eyes


25 Jun, 2013 09:12 PM

Eyes always clouded with sadness filled with tears, eyebrows so defined so dark so high, eyes so dark so beautiful so mysterious, nose so small so soft, lips so red so tender decorated with a smile as bright as crystals, cheeks so red as an apple, skin as white as pearls, as soft as a delicate petal, hands as small and tender as the ticklish wind, hair so long so dark so thick so shiny and wavy as a running free river, legs so tall and slender, body so fragile so beautiful so sweet.

I stumbled upon a Goddess of the Greeks, I never knew they exist, never knew they're here, I have not seen such pair of thick lashes decorating those haunting dark pair of eyes, she had the saddest eyes, her eyes were like a cloud ready to rain, she had the saddest look the saddest voice and the brightest smile, everybody thinks she's happy but I hear her cry, I hear her cry near the flowers everyday, I hear her screams, I see her sadness that no one sees, I hear her voice calling for help that know one hears, I see her scars '' the cat '' she says but I know who did it, she is punishing herself for a mistake she didn't make, she is not responsible, it's not her fault.

Everybody seems to get away from her everybody seems to be jealous .. she wants friends she's alone and she doesn't have anybody to talk to, she's withering fast and I don't think she'll live long, someone has got to save her, before she makes something wrong, her family don't even look her in the eye, they don't care, nobody cares, no one at all.

A beautiful girl I see from a distance, standing under the trees, I can notice the blood coming out of her bare feet, she doesn't care, she doesn't hurt anymore, she stands there like a statue lost in time, nothing hurts her, she adjusted to the pain, she hears no one, sees nothing but ghosts of her own mind, she lost to reality and she's now in an eternal world of her own, her parents tried to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to hear, she lost senses of time and place, she lost herself to the monsters inside her head, she doesn't eat she doesn't drink, she only stares blankly into nothing, she cries because of nothing, she laughs sarcastically because of nothing, she became a victim of her own mind, a victim of the people who didn't understand, all that she wanted was a warm home, a kind smile, a deep hug, a kiss before she sleeps, a friend she can run to when she is troubled or confused, she had no one .. so she started making her own house, her own home her own friends her own school her own life and world, she escaped through her mind into a world of mystery, and all that was left of her is her sad eyes, her sad teary eyes that no one cared to notice.

She's all better now, she went to her own world, now all that's left is to escape her body from this cruel world, she falls into deep sleep every night and she doesn't move, she doesn't make a single sound only the sound of her breathing, her fast low shivering breaths, you can see the bones though her back you can see her hips, you can see her ribs, her fingers became sticks, and her skin became grey, her family is in despair but it's too late, they should have cared, they should have noticed her, they should have gave her warmth, it's too late now, it's too late.

One day the smell of Roses led the way, roses are floating in a river of blood, river of sadness, river of death, her white dress became red, her pearl white skin became red, the bright blue sky reflected on her black open eyes, with tears dried on her face she laid in a beautiful bed of blood and roses a bed of freedom, she finally escaped, her demons helped her through her way, her smile is planted on her face, stupid people think she died happy because of that smile, she was the saddest person on this earth, she kept it all hidden inside and planted a smile on her face, she knew her family would foolishly think she's happy so she kept the smile, she kept her sadness hidden till the last moment of her life, she killed her self, she went to her world that she created, she's gone now, tears and screams won't help, she lived 21 years, and you didn't notice, after she's gone, you did ? sorry, but I won't forgive, and I won't forget the sad eyes she possessed I won't forget her drawings, her stories, her fake laughs, her gentle songs she sings to me before I sleep, you killed her, you killed me, I won't forget, I won't forgive, don't cry, don't scream her name, it's too late.

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Emptiness says:
19 Jun, 2014 11:24 AM

Oh my goodness...

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joycerocks101 says:
10 Jul, 2014 09:05 AM

awww,, saad .:(

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tobie says:
06 Sep, 2014 12:34 PM


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Erica says:
10 Jan, 2015 03:51 AM

Oh my that is heartbreaking I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm not defending anyone or anything like that but her family did care she just didn't see or let them in she should have told someone so in away it's her fault ????

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Marissa says:
09 Jan, 2017 04:09 AM

This is very touching. People don't notice until you're gone.

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